Working for BLR

BLR is a perfect place where different cultures blend beautifully. The company not only recognizes true talent but also provide perfect ladder for professional growth. They will support you in your career goals and personal development. It's a place where no face has a grim, no shade of unhappiness, and no place for dissatisfaction.

BLR employees are the most compassionate towards all their colleagues and the management truly understands the exact need and developmental areas of all its employees. It gives scope to all employees to enhance their inner capabilities and utilizes the hidden potentials by offering different profile and swapping profiles as well.

BLR's MD is known for the smile on his face which he always carries and that smile in a way spreads on the face of all his employees. People love him as a boss and interact with him as a friend as well. BLR's environment is always fun-filled where every occasion is celebrated as a family and the fraternity serves as an epitome for any company in the transport industry.

For every new joinee who starts his/her career with BLR, is welcomed with warmth and automatically becomes a part of

Loading Staff

Job Description

- SkillSet: loading, unloading.
- Supervising for loading/unloading vehicles.
- All Loading/ Unloading work.
- Preparing Bilty and other required documents.
- Should be good in computers.

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