International Freight Management


BLR offers you 'door-to-door' service solutions in global freight forwarding. We provide you with import and export services both through sea and air freight and can arrange all necessary steps to handle your custom clearance. Our range of ocean freight services covers all your delivery requirements, supported by a tariff structure that is both straightforward and competitive. Forwarding services start with an analysis of the transportation task. This allows us to find the optimal route coupled with the best time-to-cost variation. Our own fleet of vehicles gives us extra edge covering the inland locations within India. Our tie-up with experienced agents all over the world makes sure that we can give you full logistics solutions for your international cargo to and from India.

Ocean Import/Export Freight Management

BLR can handle all your international shipments. We negotiate best rates for you and provide the documentation necessary for the shipment. We compare all shipping lines and deliver your shipment all over the world.

Air Import/Export Freight Management

BLR ships your cargo to all major airports in the world. Our contacts with the Airlines and expertise within the company makes sure that your cargo gets delivered in a fast and timely manner.

Custom Clearance Services

Customs procedures require specific countrywise expertise. BLR offers this expertise and provides you with all the proper documentation for clearing of your cargo in India, both import and export. Our agents, located globally, have a thorough knowledge of the procedures in their respective countries and will assist in clearing the cargo all over the world.

  • Hydraulic axels
  • Semi - Low Bed trailers
  • LCV's
  • MCV's
  • 32ft containerized vehicles (6 and ten wheels)
  • 28ft containerized vehicles
  • 12 wheel trucks, open and full body
  • Full Body Truck (18-20-22-24 ft)
  • Open Body / 24ft Container
  • High Bed Trailer with platform (20 and 40 ft)
  • 44ft Low Bed Trailer
  • 20ft HQ Container
  • 44ft Low Bed Trailer
  • 20ft Double Axle Trailer
  • 40ft Triple Axle Trailer
  • Half Body, Open, 20ft Container Carrier
  • 20ft Container Carrier (only frame)
  • High Bed Trailer with frame (20 and 40 ft)

Cosmetics Company in Pune

Previous situation :

The customer was using conventional 9MT and 16MT trucks, in which respectively 7MT and 10MT of cargo was loaded. The truck was covered with Tarpaulin and lashed with ropes. Main destinations were in Eastern India and the customer was using a transit time of 6-7 days. By the time the cargo arrived at Kolkata from Pune the top layer of the cargo was totally damaged due to the ropes used for lashing. This resulted in loss of cargo and therefore loss of sales.

Solution provided by BLR :

To reduce the damage to the cargo, BLR designed and built a 32ft container vehicle with 15MT carrying capacity and GPS tracking facility. The customer was able to load 15MT and therefore used full capacity of the trucks and thus reducing the amount of vehicles previously required. The transit time of the cargo also got reduced from 6-7days to 4 days and the customer no longer lost cargo due to damages. BLR's solution increased efficiency and reduced the customers cost.